As well as providing plenty of TLC and general pet sitting services, I specialize in senior and special needs animals in order to help you ensure your animal companion’s life journey goes as smooth as possible. I can work with you and your veterinarian to help your dog, cat or other animal transition to wellness after an illness or surgery, provide exercise for the physically handicapped, or simply help you administer medications and treatments that you may need assistance with, etc. 

The geriatric senior set in particular often have special needs that come with old age, and often require in-home medical care beyond general veterinary attention—whether it’s providing gentle assistance with walking in a harness, diaper care due to incontinence, or just someone to ensure they have a helping hand or ramp in and out of the car for their daily exercise.

Some examples of the types of special needs I can assist with, which are by no means exhaustive (please call regardless, even if your animal’s situation is not listed): 

  • subcutaneous fluids for hydration in kidney/renal failure or bladder infections, etc.
  • medications, injections for diabetics, cancer drug/chemotherapy administration, pain management
  • incontinence issues from bladder expression to enemas, to diaper and cleanliness care
  • wound and injury care, surgery recovery
  • mobility assistance, handicapped care, range-of-motion exercise for rehabilitation
  • animal hospice and end-of-life care
  • basic grooming, teeth brushing, nail clipping
  • Reiki treatments (a Japanese form of energy healing that works with the animal’s “ki” or “chi”—the body’s lifeforce), etc. 

Basically I can provide the medical and geriatric care services your vet would generally send you home to administer, plus those they would suggest you get a professional’s help to accomplish at home. Sometimes these tasks just simply need a second set of hands to accomplish!

End-of-Life Animal Hospice Care

Probably the most noteworthy aspect of my work with animals, I can also help you and your pet during your friend’s end-of-life journey, from managing their care as they decline to in-home hospice care. This can be a poignant and challenging time, but it’s a chance to honor your companion with the best care possible. I provide non-judgmental support through this process to give you both the space and time that may not be offered through traditional means. This allows you to care for your pet in the comfort of your home, surrounded by the love of his or her family through to their final passing.

Please click this link for more information on Animal Hospice, including a general definition, how euthanasia and a natural death fit in with the concepts of hospice care, and my philosophy and approach. Please enjoy the memorial photos below of some of my client’s pets. It has been my great honor to have cared for these and other wonderfully sweet beings.

Not Just Dogs & Cats – I Care For Exotics Too

In addition to your domestic feline and canine companions, I care for all types of creatures including “exotics”—in all manners of health and no matter what age. Be it small mammals from cute guinea pigs to furry rabbits; avian/pet birds; fish, reptiles and amphibians like turtles, snakes and frogs; and large animals such as horses, etc. Though I can care for these critters in your home, since these smaller exotics (ie. not the chickens and horses!) are more portable and adaptable, I also offer boarding in my home while you’re away, including medication administration if needed.

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Animals Stay in Our Hearts Forever

I am honored to have been able to get to know the wonderful animals pictured below, and to have helped them with their journey. Each and every one of them remains in my heart. Not pictured are their loving families, who have touched me with their devoted care and willingness to let me help and share with them this most poignant and precious time. Pictured is Labrador Dipsea from Corte Madera, Lab mix Shasta from Novato, DSH Tommy from Sausalito, Doberman/Shepherd mix Annie from Novato, Husky Sasha from Terra Linda, and Australian Shepherd Boeing from Sausalito. And so as not to be overlooked, I want to acknowledge and honor the pets who have passed and whose parents gave me the testimonials and photos featured on that page.
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Senior & Special Needs Animal Care – My Specialty

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