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When it comes to the care of our beloved animal companions, people have different needs and expectations. Since I offer a diverse range of client servicessome of which are more in the realm of traditional pet sitting while others are more specialized and quite involved—I can best give you a quote once I have more information about the level of care your pet currently needs and the time involved. Keeping this basic understanding in mind, my pet care rates generally range from $35 (think 1/2-hour to 45 min drop-in visit with no/minimal special needs) and on up from there depending on the care needs... 

I know for most people their pet is an extremely important part of their lives—you want the best care possible for them, which is exactly what I hope to provide you! I work with some really top-notch professionals. This network of associates, help me out on a daily basis and I serve as their back-up for vacations and the like and their sounding board—so you can be assured you're always covered!

Please feel free to email me with the following details: 

  • Relevant pet info: Name, age, breed, medical issues for all pets in household.
  • Describe your needs: including dates service needed; if vacation care/assistance while at work/hospice care; once-a-day/twice-a-day visits, length of visit time; and specific care duties (will your pet need to be fed, walked/litter cleaned, medications administered and by what method, etc.).
  • ​Your contact info: name, address/city, mobile phone, and e-mail.
  • How you heard about Transitions Pet Care.

Alternatively, you may also send me a text. As well, you can call during general working hours (you can always leave me a message anytime), and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can but not unknown callers go direct to voicemail due to the quantity of spam calls I get. Generally email and text are quicker in receiving a reply.

Sheri Ketchum
415.279.4014 cell
[email protected]

Sheri’s Background
(Or, if interested you may click to read a longer, more-detailed version of my bio.)

My delight throughout my youth revolved around animals: be it turtles, fish, rabbits, roosters, birds, horses, newts—and of course there was always the multitude of dogs and cats. I eventually completed a two-year, Veterinary Assistant, regional occupations program that culminated in an internship at a San Francisco vet’s office. Though I had no apprehension with the simple procedures of the office, the day a dog came in with gangrene, was the day I realized I wasn’t quite keen on certain aspects of the veterinary profession. Consequently, I switched my life’s goal and ended up earning a degree in Public Relations.

Although PR was proving a successful career by societal measures, as the years went on I felt there was something missing. In time, several successive events proved what my new life’s path would be. First was the in-home hospice care and death of my mother-in-law. Then, over the ensuing short years, three elderly animals died one after the other. The undertaking of the intensive caregiving of these four “teachers” had guided me through to a new realization of my life’s meaning (which for me required more involvement with animals), and what death and dying could signify when approached with an open heart.

This experience, coupled with the difficulties of finding someone capable and willing to help with the type of end-of-life care my animals needed—and on the opposite extreme having had such a supportive process for my mother-in-law—I realized there must be another alternative. Hence, in 2007, I decided to forsake my previous career and start up Transitions Pet Care, with a special focus on the in-home care of senior and special needs animals, including end-of-life hospice care.

Whatever was lacking in those years working in the business world is gone today. For me, it is the difference of now doing something from the heart, and the joy of things coming full circle.

What I Hope to Offer You

When you hire me, I intend to offer you my observation skills (an important aspect when dealing with the often subtle changes that can occur with health issues); reliability; attention to detail; professionalism; a calm, pleasant personality; a natural caregiver; someone continuing to learn and become better trained to provide you with ever-improving service; and attentiveness to you and your pets needs. As well as plenty of compassion and TLC, of course! I look for these same qualities in the folks that assist me in this work.
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